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You’ve researched the current real estate market and have set a fair price for your property with the help of your real estate agent. You’ve even completed essential repairs to remove those concerns from the minds of potential buyers. But when you look at your interior spaces, which you’ve taken the trouble to have professionally cleaned, they’re looking a little stark and sterile. So, you get on the Internet and look for “home stagers near me,” to add a bit of magic to your rooms.


What are the advantages of going with “staging companies near me,” instead of larger multi-national firms? We can’t speak to other companies but at Hi Staging, we, Julie and Richard, are very familiar with the local real estate market and current decorating trends. That’s what happens when you’re born and bred on the island of Oahu, and run your business in Honolulu, Hawaii. We know what sells in your neighborhood and what appeals to the type of buyer you prefer. Obviously, we incorporate that knowledge into the design decisions we make for your home.


As a local family-owned business, we value Ohana and embody the Aloha spirit. You can expect personal and friendly interactions with us should you pick us from the list of “home stagers near me.” We want to give you the best professional staging solutions, no matter your budget. We also have a large variety of contemporary and modern décor. This helps keep the budget down because we won’t be spending extra to rent the right piece of furniture.


Are you interested in finding out more about what we can do for you? Then contact us right away for your free consultation.