Staging A House To Sell

Staging a House to Sell

Makes Your Property Stand Out

There’s never been a better time to sell a house in Hawaii. Buyers from California, Arizona, Canada, China, Japan, and Russia, among other countries, are all clamoring for a slice of paradise to enjoy its beaches, golf courses, parks, and culture. As of 2019, home sales have grown by 9.5 percent in Hawaii County alone. But that doesn’t mean that all you have to do is hang up a for-sale sign to get the highest price for your property. Keep in mind that other homeowners in Honolulu want to take advantage of the profits to be had in real estate and your home has to remain competitive to be noticed.


One way to stand out is by staging a house to sell. This process simply decorates a home so that it looks lived in. Buyers have very little imagination when looking at an empty interior. They stare at such bare and stark rooms, and have difficulty thinking what a blank area is for and how it would fit their families.


That’s where Hi-Staging comes in. We make rooms warm and inviting by filling them with furniture and accessories. By staging a home for sale, we encourage buyers to have an emotional connection with your offering. The possibilities for their kids lounging in the family room, their visitors enjoying the living room, or their relaxing on the lanai come alive. As a bonus, staging a house to sell ultimately results in higher prices and quicker turn-around. In addition, real estate agents love to show off such properties because they don’t can show rather than tell what a room is used for.


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