Staging A Home For Sale

The Important of Staging a Home for Sale

Congratulations on putting your home on the market! You’ve hopefully set a good price with your real estate agent that leads to a quick close with a good profit. One way to place the odds more in your favor is by staging a house for sale.


Think about what potential buyers see when they enter a house that is devoid of any objects. Most won’t have the imagination to see that your dining room offers a wonderful gathering spot for family dinners or that the kids’ bedrooms have enough space for them to sleep, play, and study. Your house-hunters will instead be turned off by the cold desolation of blank rooms. And they’ll leave without considering an offer.


That’s why staging a home for sale is so important. The process breathes life into your interiors with furniture and accessories. It transforms your rooms into warm spaces that invite buyers to stay awhile. They won’t have to guess that one room makes a perfect home office when it has a desk, computer, and bookshelves while another makes an ideal living room when it’s furnished with comfortable sofas and attractive side tables.


Staging a house for sale offers more benefits. In a 2018 survey of over 4,200 homes, over 85 percent of staged homes sold for 6 to 25 percent more and spent less market time than homes that were unstaged. Your real estate agent will be thrilled to take buyers into your well-decorated areas because he or she won’t have to paint a word picture of what each room does.


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